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Maharaja Agrasen is easily an icon of non-violence and peace. An embodiment of sacrifice, compassion, prosperity and socialism, he devised a unique rule in order to ensure an egalitarian society. His kingdom was an open society where people from all walks of life irrespective of caste, colour and creed were welcome to reside and thrive in its prosperity. He promulgated that any person coming to Agroha to settle down permanently, shall be given one rupee and one brick by each resident of Agroha. With the bricks, the person could build a house for living and with the money, he could set up his own business. Through such little help, each person could attain an equal status in the society of equals. Thus his kingdom was a laboratory for true socialism and secularism.

The Agroha Republic was renowned for its bravery and prosperity. However over time it could not stand the foreign invasions of Hunas, Greeks and Yavanas who invaded North India.This led Agroha residents to migrate to Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Malwa and eventually to all over India. These migrants are now commonly known as Aggarwals, Agroha-wale, Agrahari, Agravansi etc.

Following the very same principle of donating one rupee and one brick ,Maharaja Agrasen Hospital urges you to donate Rs. 5001 and in multiples thereof as your contribution for the upcoming Maharaja Agrasen Hospital at Fulbari, Siliguri.

Please send your donations (cheques, drafts or cash) in favour of Maharaja Agrasen Research & Service Foundation to:

Maharaja Agrasen Hospital Liaison Office :
Maharaja Agrasen Research & Service Foundation
Sunny Tower
6th Floor, Flat No. 6A
Sevoke Road, Siliguri-734001

Sri Gouri Shankar Goyal SECRETARY

CA. Manish Agarwal TREASURER